Wonder Woman Button Badge PP1997 £0.50
On Day Release Button Badge PP3750 £0.50
Pink Union Jack Button Badge PP3935 £0.20
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Button Badge PP1732 £0.50
Spare Change Button Badge PP3752 £0.50
Los Pollos Hermanos PP2124 £0.50
Uh.. I... Uh Forget Button Badge PP3930 £0.20
Monster I'd Like To Fluff PP1893 £0.50
Rachel Hale Cat in a Hat Button Badge PP1023 £0.20
Please Don't Interrupt Me Button Badge PP1106 £0.50
Ravenclaw Button badge PP2363 £0.50
Doctor Who Tardis Button Badge PP3833 £0.50
Gary 'Meow' Button Badge PP3932 £0.20
I Don't Discriminate Button Badge PP4966 £0.50
Keep Calm Badge PP1949 £0.50
Family Guy What The Deuce Button Badge PP3919 £0.20
Spider-Man Eyes Button Badge PP3714 £0.50
Alien Button Badge PP7017 £0.20
Gonzo Button Badge PP1676 £0.20
Family Guy Freakin' Sweet Button Badge PP3915 £0.20
Dr Nick (Hello Everyone) Button Badge PP1071 £0.20
Family Guy Button Badge PP3921 £0.20
Better Call Saul Button Badge PP2112 £0.50
Marvel X-Men Button Badge PP1922 £0.50
Gryffindor Badge PP2366 £0.50
Does it Bother You That I'm Always Right Button Badge PP1040 £0.50
Mr Perfect Button Badge PP3860 £0.20
Shelbot Button Badge PP2071 £0.50
Hogwarts Badge PP2810 £0.50
Monsters University Badge PP2091 £0.50
Marvel Silver Surfer Button Badge PP1920 £0.50
Bart - Whoa, Mama! Button Badge PP1069 £0.20
Oooo I'm Nasty Button Badge PP3917 £0.20
Harry Potter Always Button Badge PP2773 £0.50
Apu (Thank You. Come Again) Button Badge PP1068 £0.20
Homer - OH Cruel Fate! Button Badge PP1074 £0.20
Evil Plan Button Badge PP3929 £0.20
Granny Bust (unpainted) BU007 £28.00
Granny Bust (metalised) BU008 £35.00
Igor & Scraps Hogswatch Card HWC09 £2.95
Lord Downey Hogswatch Card HWC10 £2.95
Silver spider web Wallet RW008 £8.00
The Death of Rats Hogswatch Card HWC04 £2.95
The Hogfather Hogswatch Card HWC01 £2.95
The Nac Mac Feegle Hogswatch Card HWC12 £2.95
Jack Frost Hogswatch Card HWC07 £2.95
Nanny Ogg Hogswatch Card HWC08 £2.95
Sailor tattoo design white Wallet RW005 £8.00
The Death of Rats in Bauble Hogswatch Card HWC05 £2.95
Playing card design Wallet RW007 £8.00
Errol Hogswatch Card HWC11 £2.95
The Librarian Hogswatch Card HWC03 £2.95
Sailor tattoo design black Wallet RW006 £8.00
The Merry Wassailers Hogswatch Card HWC02 £2.95
The Unusual Suspects Sepia Card SC01 £2.50
Mona Ogg Sepia Card SC03 £2.50
Beti Sepia Card SC10 £2.50
Susan Sepia Card SC05 £2.50
Greebo Sepia Card SC06 £2.50
Detritus Sepia Card SC02 £2.50
Igor & Scraps Sepia Card SC07 £2.50
Great A'Tuin Sepia Card SC08 £2.50
Nanny Ogg Sepia Card SC04 £2.50
Greebo the Man Sepia Card SC11 £2.50
Bande with Rockes Sepia Card SC12 £2.50
Errol Sepia Card SC16 £2.50
Mort Sepia Card SC14 £2.50
The Librarian Sepia Card SC09 £2.50
Total: £176.15