Great A'Tuin Greetings Card GC07 £2.95
The Silver Horde Greetings Card GC04 £2.95
Grumpy Librarian Greetings Card GC08 £2.95
Women Who Wear Black sign sign03 £3.50
All The Cool People Are Freaks sign sign05 £3.50
Weird Girls sign sign04 £3.50
Already Disturbed sign sign02 £3.50
Window Sticker - Crivens! ST02 £2.99
Window Sticker - Lord Vetinari ST12 £3.50
Anthill Inside Holographic Sticker ST07 £1.50
Window Sticker - Big Jobs! ST03 £2.99
Anthill Inside Computer Case Badge ST06 £1.50
Total: £35.33