Grumpy Librarian Greetings Card GC08 £2.95
Great A'Tuin Greetings Card GC07 £2.95
The Four Horsemen Greetings Card GC02 £2.95
Vetinari Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP08 £2.95
Science of Discworld Greetings Card GC03 £2.95
Mr Fluffy Greetings Card GC01 £2.95
The Silver Horde Greetings Card GC04 £2.95
I'll Show You Mine Pin Badge PNK18 £6.00
Normal People Pin Badge PNK07 £5.00
Tiffany Aching Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m47a £7.50
Vince Ray Forever Mug MUG24 £5.00
Vince Ray Hope Mug MUG20 £5.00
Vince Ray Faith Mug MUG19 £5.00
Lucky Devil mug MUG27 £5.00
Vince Ray Charity Mug MUG21 £5.00
Don't Gamble with Love mug MUG28 £5.00
Post Office Notebook NOTE07 £15.00
Framed Science of Discworld F009 £45.00
Framed Mr Fluffy F005 £45.00
Framed Four Horsemen F010 £45.00
Framed Elephant Rising F007 £35.00
Framed Grumpy Librarian F014 £45.00
All The Cool People Are Freaks sign sign05 £3.50
Weird Girls sign sign04 £3.50
Make Friends With Strange Cats sign sign01 £3.50
Women Who Wear Black sign sign03 £3.50
Nanny Ogg Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m03a £7.50
Total: £320.65