GNU Button Badge BB53 £1.00
City Watch Compact Reporter Bag BAG08 £20.00
City Watch Laptop Messenger Bag BAG07 £35.00
City Watch Wallet WAL02 £5.00
Death & Albert Hogswatch Card HWC06 £2.95
Vimes Bust (unpainted) BU001 £28.00
Death as Hogfather Bust (unpainted) BU005 £32.00
Death as Hogfather Bust (metalised) BU006 £40.00
Vimes / Thud! Button Badge BB41 £1.00
City Watch Button Badge BB37 £1.00
Vimes Button Badge BB18 £1.00
Death of Rats Button Badge BB11 £1.00
Death Button Badge BB16 £1.00
Nanny Ogg Mounted Print MOUNTPP04 £30.00
Granny Mounted Print MOUNTPP03 £30.00
Tiffany Mounted Print MOUNTPP06 £30.00
Something Wicked Mounted Print MOUNT01 £30.00
Death With Steepled Fingers Mounted Print MOUNT03 £30.00
Great A'Tuin Mounted Print MOUNT02 £30.00
Vetinari Mounted Print MOUNTPP08 £30.00
Wyrd Sisters Mounted Print MOUNT09 £30.00
Librarian Mounted Print MOUNTPP05 £30.00
Grumpy Librarian Mounted Print MOUNT06 £30.00
Vimes Dweenie Coaster dwc-vimes £2.50
Vimes Dweenie Magnet dwm-vimes £2.00
Death Dweenie Coaster dwc-death £2.50
Death Dweenie Magnet dwm-death £2.00
Vimes and Swamp Dragon Miniature dw30m48a £7.50
Sam Vimes Miniature dw30m05a £7.50
Death Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP01 £2.95
Death on a Motorcycle Miniature dw30m33a £16.00
Death with Guitar Miniature dw30m09a £9.00
Death Discworld Miniature dw30m01a £8.00
Death as the Hogfather Miniature dw30mm46a £8.50
Total: £537.40