The Three Witches Miniatures dw30m29a £27.50
Greebo and Greebo as a Man Miniature dw30m36a £12.50
Magrat on a Broomstick Miniature dw30m28a £9.50
Nanny Ogg on a Broomstick Miniature dw30m27a £9.50
Granny on a Broomstick Miniature dw30m26a £10.00
Granny at the Opera Miniature dw30m12a £8.00
Nanny Ogg Miniature dw30m03a £7.50
Tiffany Aching Miniature dw30m47a £7.50
Granny Weatherwax Miniature dw30m02a £7.50
Gold Framed Tiffany & the Bees F021 £35.00
Greebo Dweenie Badge dwb-greebo £3.50
Granny Weatherwax Dweenie Badge dwb-granny £3.50
Total: £141.50