Oscar Wildenfox ERST052 £25.00
Glad to be Grey Button Badge BB43 £1.00
Nanny Ogg Hogswatch Card HWC08 £2.95
Paperback Lords and Ladies - Embossed JK014 £10.00
Paperback Moving Pictures - Embossed JK010 £10.00
The Grim Squeaker Button Badge BB23 £1.00
She's So Foxy (white) ERST048 £25.00
Paperback Thief of Time - Embossed JK026 £10.00
Paperback The Fifth Elephant - Embossed JK024 £10.00
Guild of Assassins Compact Reporter Bag BAG06 £20.00
Curling Cassandra (Blue) ERST050 £25.00
Ghostly Gary ERST045 £25.00
Cara the Halloween Kitty ERST042 £25.00
Sprinkled With Love ERST057 £25.00
Feegle Dweenie Badge dwb-feegle £3.50
I Love Ankh-Morpork Button Badge BB26 £1.00
Terry Dweenie Badge dwb-terry £3.50
Total: £222.95