Wiccan Goddess of Love Necklace P785 £30.00
Ring of Roses Pendant P791 £18.00
The Black Swan Romance P773 £18.00
Vimes Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP07 £2.95
Paperback Thud! - Embossed PK034 £10.00
Greebo the Man Dweenie Magnet dwm-greeboman £2.00
Witches Abroad Coaster CC11 £3.50
Reaper Man Coaster CC14 £3.50
Magrat Dweenie Magnet dwm-magrat £2.00
Librarian Dweenie Coaster dwc-librarian £2.50
Carrot Dweenie Coaster dwc-carrot £2.50
Groat Dweenie Magnet dwm-groat £2.00
Granny Dweenie Magnet dwm-granny £2.00
Terry Dweenie Magnet dwm-terry £2.00
Angua Dweenie Coaster dwc-angua £2.50
Vetinari Dweenie Magnet dwm-vetinari £2.00
Nanny Dweenie Magnet dwm-nanny £2.00
Cohen Dweenie Coaster dwc-cohen £2.50
Nobby Dweenie Magnet dwm-nobby £2.00
Feegle Dweenie Coaster dwc-feegle £2.50
Carrot Dweenie Magnet dwm-carrot £2.00
Cohen Dweenie Magnet dwm-cohen £2.00
Nanny Dweenie Coaster dwc-nanny £2.50
Angua Dweenie Magnet dwm-angua £2.00
Granny Dweenie Coaster dwc-granny £2.50
Mort Dweenie Magnet dwm-mort £2.00
Vetinari Dweenie Coaster dwc-vetinari £2.50
Feegle Dweenie Magnet dwm-feegle £2.00
The Light Fantastic Coaster CC15 £3.50
Susan Dweenie Coaster dwc-susan £2.50
Otto Dweenie Magnet dwm-otto £2.00
Moist Dweenie Magnet dwm-moist £2.00
Mort Dweenie Coaster dwc-mort £2.50
Terry Dweenie Coaster dwc-terry £2.50
Otto Dweenie Coaster dwc-otto £2.50
Librarian Dweenie Magnet dwm-librarian £2.00
Colon Dweenie Coaster dwc-colon £2.50
Colon Dweenie Magnet dwm-colon £2.00
Nobby Dweenie Coaster dwc-nobby £2.50
Moist Dweenie Coaster dwc-moist £2.50
Susan Dweenie Magnet dwm-susan £2.00
Magrat Dweenie Coaster dwc-magrat £2.50
Groat Dweenie Coaster dwc-groat £2.50
Affaire du Coeur P792 £28.00
Greebo Button Badge BB02 £1.00
Anthill Inside Button Badge BB47 £1.00
White Horse Button Badge BB25 £1.00
Great A'Tuin Button Badge BB03 £1.00
Bat Studs Earrings E186 £5.00
Nac Mac Feegle Face Button Badge BB24 £1.00
Nac Mac Feegle Button Badge BB01 £1.00
Sparkling Death Earring E237 £10.00
Death Stud Earrings E76 £4.50
Ravenella's Tears Earring E225 £10.00
Susan Button Badge BB09 £1.00
Deadskull Dropper Earrings E364 £10.00
Black Star Dropper Earrings E395 £9.00
Grumpy Librarian Button Badge BB19 £1.00
I Love Ankh-Morpork Button Badge BB26 £1.00
Vampyre Bat Button Badge BB27 £1.00
Glad to be Grey Button Badge BB43 £1.00
Blackheart Studs E208 £10.00
Black Rose studs E200 £8.00
The Luggage Button Badge BB04 £1.00
The Librarian Button Badge BB14 £1.00
The Sunshine Sanctuary Button Badge BB51 £1.00
Morticia Stud Earring E210 £8.00
Hand of Macbeth Earrings E378 £11.00
Hand of God Button Badge BB08 £1.00
Heart's Blood studs E332 £12.00
The Discworld Button Badge BB32 £1.00
Pink PussyCat Club Button Badge BB50 £1.00
Rob Anybody Button Badge BB42 £1.00
Mona Ogg Button Badge BB36 £1.00
Grave Stud Earring E244 £7.50
Pineapple Express ERST038 £22.00
Fleur the Foxy Flame ERST033 £22.00
Molly the Maltese ERST028 £22.00
Adella the Elder ERST041 £22.00
Cera Grown Up ERST037 £22.00
Bluebird of Celebration ERST035 £22.00
Here's Brucey ERST040 £22.00
Peaches of Prehistoria ERST036 £22.00
Eldritch Sky Button Badge BB06 £1.00
Nanny & Granny Button Badge BB15 £1.00
Tiffany Button Badge BB39 £1.00
The Grim Squeaker Button Badge BB23 £1.00
Lord Vetinari Rules Button Badge BB52 £1.00
The Three Witches Button Badge BB33 £1.00
Pale Rider Button Badge BB05 £1.00
Reaperman Button Badge BB34 £1.00
Lionheart ERST029 £22.00
Linda Love Cat ERST034 £22.00
Soul Music Coaster CC13 £3.50
Greebo Dweenie Coaster dwc-greebo £2.50
Greebo the Man Dweenie Coaster dwc-greeboman £2.50
Total: £556.45