Detritus Sepia Card SC02 £2.50
Beti Sepia Card SC10 £2.50
Rincewind Running Button Badge BB10 £1.00
Reaper Man Collector's Library - Embossed CL11 £20.00
Igor & Scraps Sepia Card SC07 £2.50
Rincewind and Luggage Sepia Card SC15 £2.50
All The Cool People Are Freaks sign sign05 £3.50
Mr Fluffy Coaster CC22 £3.75
Women Who Wear Black sign sign03 £3.50
Greebo Dweenie Badge dwb-greebo £3.50
Paperback Monstrous Regiment - Embossed PK031 £10.00
Soul Music Collector's Library - Embossed CL16 £20.00
Mona Ogg Sepia Card SC03 £2.50
Greebo the Man Sepia Card SC11 £2.50
Death of Rats Button Badge BB11 £1.00
Dark Side of the Turtle Coaster CC10 £3.75
Total: £85.00