Paperback Going Postal - Embossed PK033 £10.00
Reg Shoe Miniature UNPAINTED dw30mm48a £8.50
Reaper Man Collector's Library - Embossed CL11 £20.00
Mort Collector's Library - Embossed CL04 £20.00
Witches Abroad Collector's Library - Embossed CL12 £20.00
Unseen University Bookmark BM09 £4.00
S2Trading Card - Mustrum Ridcully TC-017 £1.00
S2Trading Card - The Bursar TC-013 £1.00
Great A'Tuin Photo Magnet PM03 £3.00
Nac Mac Feegles Photo Magnet PM15 £3.00
Eldritch Sky Photo Magnet PM05 £3.00
Death with Stray Cats Photo Magnet PM08 £3.00
Fabricati Diem Photo Magnet PM07 £3.00
Night Watch Photo Magnet PM06 £3.00
Wyrd Sisters Photo Magnet PM04 £3.00
Hand of God Photo Magnet PM19 £3.00
Death with Kitten Photo Magnet PM14 £3.00
Rincewind Photo Magnet PM18 £3.00
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium Special Edition EB052 £75.00
I Hate All of You Button Badge PP3924 £0.20
Monsters University Badge PP2091 £0.50
Total: £190.20