The Long Cosmos - Uncorrected Proof - Embossed COLL042 £80.00
Terry’s Memorial Pin COLL027 £8.00
Fools' Guild Badge COLL023 £60.00
Doctorate of Sweet Fanny Adams COLL022 £7.50
One Rhinu coin COIN01 £8.00
Paperback Night Watch - Embossed PK029 £10.00
Nerd Button Badge PP3685 £0.50
Marvel Silver Surfer Button Badge PP1920 £0.50
I Don't Discriminate Button Badge PP4966 £0.50
Gary 'Meow' Button Badge PP3932 £0.20
Ned Flanders (Hi-Dilly-Ho-Dilly Nieghboureenos!) Button Badge PP1085 £0.20
Stormtrooper Button Badge PP2578 £0.50
Total: £175.90