Blind Io Keyring CPKEY01 £9.99
City Watch Temporary Tattoo TA2 £2.25
Grumpy Librarian Coaster CC18 £3.75
Zombie Voodoo Master Tin tins11 £2.50
Something Wicked Postcard PC01 £1.50
Death Tote Bag TOTE10 £8.00
Death on Binky Coaster CC20 £3.75
The Uberwald Vampire Bat Critter LB05 £1.00
Grumpy Librarian Postcard PC08 £1.50
Rincewind Running Button Badge BB10 £1.00
CMOT Unseen University Alumni Badge cmot020 £4.50
Framed Sepia A'Tuin F017 £35.00
The Chalke Postcard PC10 £1.50
Feeglespotting Postcard PC03 £1.50
Mr Fluffy Coaster CC22 £3.75
Great A'Tuin Temporary Tattoo TA1 £2.25
Framed Sepia Librarian F019 £35.00
Feegle Sheep Critter LB02 £1.00
Dark Side of the Turtle Coaster CC10 £3.75
The Ankh-Morpork City Watch Keyring KEY06 £7.99
The Luggage Keyring KEY05 £6.99
Reaperman Keyring KEY04 £6.99
Mr Fluffy Keyring KEY02 £6.99
CMOT Unseen University Doctoral Badge cmot021 £4.95
Great A'Tuin Coaster CC17 £3.75
Rincewind in the Dungeon Dimension Mounted Print MOUNT07 £30.00
The Justifiably Defensive Lobster Critter LB04 £0.50
Discworld Family Values Postcard PC07 £1.50
Terry Postcard Bundle PCPK2 £5.00
Unseen University Tote Bag TOTE09 £8.00
Witches Coaster CC19 £3.75
Punk Kitty Tin tins09 £2.50
Turtle Moves Socks (4-7) SCK04-SMALL £6.50
Total: £218.90