Granny Weatherwax Bookmark BM06 £1.75
Great A'Tuin Greetings Card GC07 £2.95
Greebo and Greebo as a Man Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m36a £12.50
Grumpy Librarian - Canvas Print canvas12 £35.00
The Bursar Pencil Print - Embossed PP08 £18.00
Framed Science of Discworld F009 £45.00
Rincewind Photo Magnet PM18 £3.00
Science of Discworld Greetings Card GC03 £2.95
Map Tea Towel GK004 £7.95
Granny Weatherwax Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m02a £7.50
Terry Sillhouette Pin COLL044 £8.00
Dragons Tea Towel GK003 £6.95
Framed Mr Fluffy F005 £45.00
The Lancre Map Colour Print - Embossed CP08 £20.00
Dried Frog Pills PILLS01 £2.50
Rat Tea Towel GK001 £6.95
Vetinari Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP08 £2.95
Librarian Photo Magnet PM01 £3.00
Eye Candy Handbag Mirror - Lilac BD-ECD005L £4.00
Unseen University Burgundy Wallet WAL04 £15.00
The Silver Horde Greetings Card GC04 £2.95
Vimes Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP07 £2.95
Boyfriend - Fortune Teller BD-AMC004 £1.00
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Paperback - Embossed SB009A £15.00
Total Whittle Pencil Print - Embossed PP05 £25.00
The Golden Hare Pendant J04 £55.00
Framed Grumpy Librarian F014 £45.00
Framed Great A'Tuin F022 £45.00
Metallic Purse - Fab Ice Lolly BD-LTD002 £5.00
Librarian Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP05 £2.95
Great A'Tuin Sepia Card SC08 £2.50
Errol Sepia Card SC16 £2.50
A Sight for Sore Eyes Pencil Print - Embossed PP01 £15.00
Nanny Ogg Hogswatch Card HWC08 £2.95
Give a Man a Fire Photo Magnet PM17 £3.00
Death With Kitten Greetings Card GC05 £2.95
Paperback Monstrous Regiment - Embossed PK031 £10.00
Turtle Moves Socks (4-7) SCK04-SMALL £6.50
Total: £496.20