Death on Binky Coaster CC20 £3.75
Night Watch Photo Magnet PM06 £3.00
CMOT City Watch Badge cmot017 £6.95
The Terry Pratchett Diary - Embossed EB032 £20.00
Nac Mac Feegles Photo Magnet PM15 £3.00
Death with Stray Cats Photo Magnet PM08 £3.00
Great A'Tuin Coaster CC17 £3.75
Great A'Tuin Photo Magnet PM03 £3.00
Text Keyring - Chastity Belt BD-KEY024 £1.00
Text Keyring - Cottage BD-KEY011 £1.00
City Watch Laptop Messenger Bag BAG07 £35.00
Terry Silhouette Tote Bag TOTE08 £8.00
Total: £91.45