Irish Stamps
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SG1150-3- 1998 LOVE/GREETINGS (Booklet Pane)-FU (remove) €6.00€6.00
2008 GREETINGS BOOKLET- 16/01/08-f/u (remove) €10.00€10.00
SG:- 2007 WEDDING BOOKLET (Self Adhesive) 10 Stamps 48c-UM (remove) €9.60€9.60
2008 GREETINGS BOOKLET- 16/01/08-u/m (remove) €10.00€10.00
SG937-9:1995 GREETINGS BOOKLET PANE-FU (remove) €7.00€7.00
SG-2000 LOVE / GREETINGS (BOOKLET PANE)- U/M (remove) €5.00€5.00

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