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SG/D22- 3d Stone - Fine Used (remove) €9.00€9.00
SG/D5-d Emerald Green-MOUNTED MINT (remove) €15.00€15.00
SGD18 - 4d Orange-Unmounted Mint (remove) €1.50€1.50
SG:- 2007 400th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FLIGHT OF THE EARLS (Mini Sheet)-FU (remove) €2.25€2.25
2008 FAUNA and FLORA Mini sheet- U/m (remove) €1.90€1.90
SG D7-1d Vermillion-Unmounted Mint (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG/D25 - 1p Apple Green - Unmounted Mint (remove) €0.50€0.50
SG/D31 - 20p Red-brown- Unmounted Mint (remove) €3.00€3.00
SGD21 - 8d Scarlet - Fine Used (remove) €2.75€2.75
SG D14-1sh Lime Green-Fine Used (remove) €14.00€14.00
1925 ( Feb 20th ) First Issue Wmk SE/ Set of 4-Fine Used (remove) €65.00€65.00
SG/D1-d Emerald Green-Fine Used (remove) €40.00€40.00

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