Irish Stamps
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
SG539-10p Black-MHN (remove) €0.50€0.50
SG354-10p Stag - MHN (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG261- 5sh Multicoloured- MHN (remove) €9.00€9.00
SG296a-7p Stag -MHN (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG72c-1934 1d COIL Wmk Se 15 PERF- M/M (remove) €40.00€40.00
SG113: 1p Ruby- UNMounted Mint (remove) €11.00€11.00
SG350-8p Dog-MHN (remove) €0.50€0.50
SG546-29p Green-MHN (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG481-24p Drab-F/U (remove) €2.50€2.50
SG346-6p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG112C-1946 1d 15 perf Wmk E- M/M (remove) €20.00€20.00
SG32a/ St. Patrick Set high values Cream Paper-10 sh Deep Blue-mounted mint (remove) €25.00€25.00
SG290- 2p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG78:5p Deep - Violet- Mounted MInt (remove) €15.00€15.00
SG342-3p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG124c:5 sh Maroon- UNMounted Mint (remove) €7.00€7.00
SG256-9p Stag- MHN (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG121b:11p Cerise- UnMounted Mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG73:1p Claret- Fine Used (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG257-10p Stag- MHN (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG120: 9p Violet- Fine Used (remove) €0.40€0.40
SG112: 1p Carmine- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG260- 2sh 6p Multicoloured- F/U (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG119c: 8p Bright Red- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.80€0.80
SG538-7p Green-F/U (remove) €0.25€0.25
SG547-30p Black-MHN (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG31a/ St. Patrick Set high values Cream Paper-5 sh Maroon-Fine Used (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG355c-13p Stag - F/U (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG541-15p Green-F/U (remove) €0.50€0.50
SG249-2p Dog - F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG356b-16p Stag -MHN (remove) €1.30€1.30
SG72a- 1933 1d SINGLE PERF Wmk Se- F/U (remove) €250.00€250.00
SG125c:10 sh Deep Blue- Fine Used (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG114: 2p Pearl-Green- Fine Used (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG547d-37p Blue-MHN (remove) €1.50€1.50

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