Irish Stamps
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SG124c:5 sh Maroon- Mounted Mint (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG252-5p Dog - F/U (remove) €0.50€0.50
1937 St. Patrick Wmk Se set of 3- UNMounted Mint (remove) €595.00€595.00
set of 3-1922 (Oct-Nov) Overprinted by Thom in shiny Blue-Black-fine used (remove) €2,200.00€2,200.00
SG14- 6d Purple- Fine Used (remove) €8.00€8.00
SG60-6d Redish-Purple -fine used (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG49- 1d Red Brown- unmounted mint (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG342-3p Dog-MHN (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG8c - 9d AGATE- fine used (remove) €110.00€110.00
SG50- 2d Orange Die II- unmounted mint (remove) €17.00€17.00
SG13- 2d Orange Die II- Fine Used (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG99 - 2s 6d Chocolate-Brown- unmounted mint (remove) €100.00€100.00
SG2-1d Scarlet - fine used (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG535-4p Maroon-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG32 -1d Red Brown- Unmounted Mint (remove) €0.00€0.00
SG4a -1/2d BLUE -unmounted mint (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG258-1sh Stag- F/U (remove) €0.60€0.60
SG347-7p Stag-F/U (remove) €0.60€0.60
SG85a-10sh Dull Grey-Blue (pair) -mint hinged (remove) €1,500.00€1,500.00
SG104: 10 sh Blue- UNMounted Mint (remove) €210.00€210.00
SG87- 5sh Rose-Red- fine used (remove) €100.00€100.00
SG44- 2s 6p Grey-Brown- unmounted mint (remove) €350.00€350.00
SG50- 2d Orange Die II- fine used (remove) €12.00€12.00
Set of 18 Wmk E- 1971/4 4th Definitive Series-F/U (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG354a-10p Dog - F/U (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG59-5d Yellow-Brown - unmounted mint (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG117: 4p Slate - Blue- Fine Used (remove) €0.20€0.20
set of 3-1922 (Oct-Nov) Overprinted by Thom in shiny Blue-Black-mint hinged (remove) €1,950.00€1,950.00
SG101 -10sh Dull Grey-Blue- unmounted mint (remove) €950.00€950.00
SG79:6p Claret- UnMounted MInt (remove) €15.00€15.00
SG122:1sh Light Blue- UNMounted Mint (remove) €120.00€120.00
SG65 - 5sh Rose-Red-fine used (remove) €175.00€175.00
SG100 - 5sh Rose-Red- mint hinged (remove) €120.00€120.00
SG539-10p Black-F/U (remove) €1.50€1.50
SG125c:10 sh Deep Blue- Mounted Mint (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG67-d GREEN- mint hinged (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG66 - 10sh Dull Grey-Blue-mint hinged (remove) €190.00€190.00
SG38 -5d Yellow-Brown - fine used (remove) €14.00€14.00
SG119c: 8p Bright Red- Unmounted Mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG27 -1d SCARLET- Fine Used (remove) €10.00€10.00
SG356a-15p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG2-1d Scarlet - mint hinged (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG70a-2d Orange Die II- unmounted mint (remove) €40.00€40.00
SG66 - 10sh Dull Grey-Blue- fine used (remove) €395.00€395.00
SG64 - 2s 6d Chocolate-Brown-fine used (remove) €90.00€90.00
SG59-5d Yellow-Brown - mint hinged (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG6-4d GREY-GREEN- fine used (remove) €6.00€6.00
SG68a- 1d SCARLET- unmounted mint (remove) €110.00€110.00
5d Violet Wmk inv (from booklet) - M/M (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG104: 10 sh Blue- Mounted Mint (remove) €90.00€90.00
SG117: 4p Slate - Blue- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG541-15p Green-MHN (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG65 - 5sh Rose-Red-unmounted mint (remove) €180.00€180.00
SG4a - 1/2d BLUE -mint hinged (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG118: 5p Violet- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.40€0.40
SG36- 3d Voilet - unmounted mint (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG355b-12p Dog - F/U (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG75: 2p Red - Brown- Mounted MInt (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG52- d GREEN- mint hinged (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG61-9d Olive-Green (red-opt.) -mint hinged (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG298-9p Stag -MHN (remove) €3.00€3.00
Commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Easter rising SET OF 16 U/M (remove) €16.00€16.00
SG74:2p Gray-Green- Mounted MInt (remove) €0.40€0.40
SG75: 2p Red - Brown- Fine Used (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG544-23p Green-MHN (remove) €1.30€1.30
SG74:2p Gray-Green- Fine Used (remove) €0.30€0.30
Set of 3 -1922 Rialta%u2019s 4 Line Overprint in Black By Dollard - Fine Used (remove) €625.00€625.00
SG66 - 10sh Dull Grey-Blue-unmounted mint (remove) €395.00€395.00
SG73:1p Claret- Mounted Mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG15- 1sh Bistre-Brown- Fine Used (remove) €14.50€14.50
set of 3 -1922 Dec-Jan) Overprinted by Thom in shiny Blue-Black (3 line)-unmounted mint (remove) €650.00€650.00
SG288-1p Dog - MHN (remove) €2.00€2.00
OVERPRINTS Set of 3 - 1922 Rialta%u2019s 5 Line Overprint in Red By Dollard-mint hinged (remove) €30.00€30.00
SG532-1p Blue-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG259- 1sh 9p Stag- MHN (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG6a - 4d GREY-GREEN- fine used (remove) €22.00€22.00
Commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Easter rising SET OF 16 F/U (remove) €9.00€9.00
SG8c - 9d AGATE- mint hinged (remove) €90.00€90.00
SG31a/ St. Patrick Set high values Cream Paper-5 sh Maroon-mounted mint (remove) €15.00€15.00
SG83- 2s 6d Chocolate-Brown- fine used (remove) €140.00€140.00
SG44- 2s 6p Grey-Brown- mint hinged (remove) €220.00€220.00
set of 5 -1922 (Nov-Dec) Overprinted by Thom in shiny Blue-Black (Wider Setting)- unmounted mint (remove) €75.00€75.00
Set of 6 No Wmk/ 1981- 82 Printed in Lithography-F/U (remove) €8.00€8.00
SG52- d GREEN- fine used (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG12- 2d Orange Die I- unmounted mint (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG545c-28p Maroon-F/U (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG116: 3p Blue- UNMounted Mint (remove) €0.50€0.50
SG14- 6d Purple- Mint (remove) €11.00€11.00
SG57-3d Bluish Violet - mint hinged (remove) €7.00€7.00
SG88-10sh Dull Grey-Blue- unmounted mint (remove) €450.00€450.00

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