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Black Onyx Saint Benedict Handmade Knotted Rosary 52036 (remove) £98.50£98.50
Purple Jade Green Floral Guru Bead Handmade Mala Beads 72MA03 (remove) £36.50£36.50
Pink and White Jade 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 520132 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Rainbow Hematite 6mm Beads Handmade Rosary HC 52064 (remove) £48.50£48.50
Green Banded Agate Tree of Life Charm Handmade Mala Beads 72MA04 (remove) £46.50£46.50
Swarovski Pink Pearl 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52060 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Bamboo Leaf Agate Handmade Anglican Bronze Cross Rosary 53052 (remove) £48.50£48.50
Carnelian Tree of Life Charm Handmade Mala Beads 72MA05 (remove) £43.50£43.50
Hand Cast Bronze 6mm Rose Quartz Floral Handmade Rosary OOAK 52027 (remove) £82.50£82.50
Bluegrass Jasper Blue Miraculous Handmade Rosary 52051 (remove) £74.50£74.50
Hematite and Onyx 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52066 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Zebra Jasper Saint Michael 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52068 (remove) £49.50£49.50
Om Symbol - Carnelian Jade Handmade Chakra Bracelet 0004 (remove) £14.50£14.50
Om Symbol - Blue Aventurine Handmade Chakra Bracelet 0006 (remove) £14.50£14.50
Poppy Jasper Buddha Guru and Karma Charm Handmade Mala Beads 72MA07 (remove) £46.50£46.50
Blue Glass and Blue Spot Jasper 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52063 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Om Symbol - Mixed Gemstone 10mm Handmade Bracelet 1143 (remove) £14.50£14.50
Tree of Life - Peace Jade Howlite 10mm Handmade Bracelet 1144 (remove) £14.50£14.50
Angel Wing - Dream Agate Handmade Chakra Bracelet 0008 (remove) £14.50£14.50
Amazonite Guardian Angel 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52067 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Purple Agate Lotus Charm Handmade Mala Beads 72MA08 (remove) £45.50£45.50
Swarovski Ivory and Pink Pearl 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52061 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Black Onyx Picture Jasper 6mm Handmade Rosary HC 52062 (remove) £47.50£47.50
Blue Spot Jasper Handmade Anglican Floral Cross Rosary 53074 (remove) £53.50£53.50

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