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TA-PD3I-0.8 - PCB Drill: 0.8mm diameter tip, 10mm flute length, 3mm shank diameter, 40mm overall length (remove) £13.00£13.00
TAFC0-5-20-RD - Pack of 20 Red Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x5mm (remove) £10.65£10.65
TA-ECT-REPLACE - Replacement re-sharpened engraving tool (N.B. Tool must be returned to TechSoft) (remove) £6.00£6.00
TA-CMCH - Carbide Cutter for Thick Materials only. Ideal for card cutting in conjunction with a creasing tool. (Does not allow scoring.) (remove) £16.95£16.95
TA-CMC - Standard Carbide Cutter x 1 (remove) £14.95£14.95
TX-LED5C-10-BL - Pk of 10 Standard Blue 5mm Water Clear LED, 25deg, 1150mCd (remove) £1.50£1.50
TAFC0-3-25-WH - Pack of 25 White Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x3mm (remove) £11.30£11.30
TA-SDEA-1.5 - High Hook Slot Drill: 1.5mm diameter tip, 2mm flute length, 3mm shank diameter, 38mm overall length (remove) £22.00£22.00
TX-LED5C-10-RD - Pk of 10 Standard Red 5mm Water Clear LED, 25deg, 1150mCd (remove) £1.00£1.00
RL-STAND2 - Stand for GX-24/BN-20 (remove) £299.00£299.00
MP-CAMM1-GS24E - Roland CAMM 1 GS-24E (inc. TechSoft Inset Pack) (remove) £1,195.00£1,195.00
CA054 - 100 sheets 275gsm, A3 card (remove) £21.00£21.00
TA-TAPE-KC - High/Low tack tape 12mm x 50m (remove) £6.65£6.65
TX-LED5C-10-YL - Pk of 10 Standard Yellow 5mm Water Clear LED, 25deg, 800mCd (remove) £1.00£1.00
MP7-CAMM1-GS24E - TechSoft/Roland CAMM 1 GS-24E Workstation Package (remove) £2,770.00£2,770.00

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