Very Good for Stock and Order Management

Hannah Petty uses RomanCart on Read what Hannah says about RomanCart and its functionality.

"We have been using Romancart for a shopping cart, stock manager and marketing solution for over ten years now. It is very easy to use and has saved hours and hours of work. We stopped coding the website functions ourselves as Romancart has covered practically every function there is, saving us valuable time.

We sell walking sticks and as we sell so many of them, we have found the RomanCart product manager to be an absolute godsend. It is really simple to use and covers everything you need and more.

The other great feature we use is the email marketing tool. We are seeing more and more customers actually preferring to do their shopping in this way. That is, waiting for our monthly email with latest news and offers. It has worked very well for us. This feature alone pays for RomanCart each time we send an email.

I wholly recommend using RomanCart if you have a lot of products, customers who have opted in to your emails and you want to offer lots of different ways to make payments through your website.

We also like the fact that RomanCart adds new features all of the time so that customers can experiment with different ways to increase their online sales.

On a practical, daily note, RomanCart is great for order management; viewing orders made, dispatching, invoices, refunding and contacting customers. Being able to see uncompleted orders is excellent as these can usually be turned into sales after contacting the customer.

Thank you very much RomanCart!"

Doubled their Sales

Jonjoe Lewis uses RomanCart on and He explains how RomanCart has helped his businesses increase profits.

"When we started using RomanCart sales doubled and we had lots of positive feedback from our customers about our new payment system and the security of it. We have used RomanCart now for some time and love it so much we have it on many of our websites including our most popular sites, and Our sales have tripled recently as we have introduced PayPal as a payment option which was just a simple click or two within RomanCart. RomanCart is a simple, secure shopping cart that benefits both the user and the customer."

Increased Search Engine Ranking

Martin Weare from explains how RomanCart increased their search engine ranking, profits - and lots of other benefits they encountered along the way!

"In a nutshell RomanCart Rocks for our business and here is why!
2008 - 2009 Using a well known all encompassing cart a dozen sales max and no increased viability or ranking in Google for our website.
2009 - 2010 Added shop pages to our website and implemented RomanCart, now we have daily year round regular sales from both national and international customers, and our website has a massively increased Google visibility using this shopping cart solution. As a small Business this is what it's all about effectively using the Internet and RomanCart as a tool boosting our onsite sales.

"Our Story!
We started our rather niche business (Pony and Carriage Ltd) retailing Horse and Carriage Driving Equipment approximately 4 -5 yrs ago. It was all a bit on the fly but we did know the Internet needed to play a big part because our market is so niche, so we set about making our first website , one of several improved versions as our website skills improved as time went by. At the same time of our first website we started to sell items on EBay maintained a good service and quality of goods, direct enquiries started to come in from both eBay Website and other advertising, but after a couple of years we were getting worried that still a reasonably high proportion of our business was eBay related 'too many eggs all in one basket' and all that.

"If it lights your fire, the technical stuff!
We looked long and hard with; by this time a degree of technical know-how for an all encompassing Internet shopping solution to add to our website with the ability to customise but also suck items from our eBay account with the idea of cutting the initial input work down and maintenance of two selling platforms. We chose a well known encompassing shopping cart solution Z** Cart and got some external technical help in the initial setup and plug-in for eBay, sat back thinking good job done and waited for the sales to roll in! It Didn't Happen. Somewhat deflated at this non event we tried all sorts, further customisation and SEO - ad words the lot, it was cumbersome - complicated, we were never happy with the limited customisable display and description areas for products and above all it wasn't making money or adding to our business.

"Time for a Re Think!
If only we could have our products displayed how we want look professional and have total control over the whole solution including our own individual webpage page Search Engine Optimization and Simple within our capabilities of understanding and doing. Stumbled across RomanCart, and thought I can do this and wow it does stock control and a lot lot more! Nothing to lose lets go for it (We haven't Looked Back) the sales started to come in even before we had got half way into implementing it. Our Google page rankings for our shop pages are good so adding ranking and visibility to our website, a big importance if you're not seen you won't sell. So all in all we have nothing but praise for RomanCart and their shopping solution, its reliable simple, evolving with even more great features and ABOVE ALL ROMANCART HAS INCREASED OUR DIRECT SALES BY 100 FOLD.

"Ok so what's the down Side!
A willingness to try another approach - a bit of in-house hard work, and a degree of website knowledge. But honestly you don't need much of an understanding or technical ability and at worst because the whole shebang is so simple you could easily have an understanding and effectively convey your requirements to a friend or whoever does you website , RomanCart have excellent tutorial videos and forum to help even the technically challenged."

New to Selling Online

George Burr from an exhibition supplies store tells how RomanCart helped them start selling online.

"One of the best moves we ever made after setting up our website was signing up for RomanCart. The range of functions is extremely useful to me, such as the Product Manager, which allows me to easily import my products into RomanCart and update any product descriptions, prices and delivery charges without having to make any html changes to my website. Other great features include the Sales Reports and Marketing Tools, which allows me to up sell and cross sell more products and includes the ability to sign up new prospects. This has allowed me to increase sales and find out more about how the prospect discovered our website, so that we now know which is the most effective way to gain new customers. Best of all is the Sales Manager, where we can see at a glance, all on one page, the current orders in progress, which orders are waiting to be shipped and which have been paid for - truly invaluable. New orders received by RomanCart are signaled by a confirmation email to us and when the order is shipped to the client they get a confirmation email that their order has been shipped to them. I was impressed by how easy it all was to set up and especially the helpful screen-casts that demonstrate the many different features of RomanCart."

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