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If you are looking for the cheapest and quickest way of accepting card payments online, then you should take a look at PayPal.

RomanCart supports all 3 methods of using PayPal to accept Payments:

PayPal Website Payments Pro

All-in-one payments solution that gives you the benefits of a merchant account and gateway plus the advantage of PayPal Express Checkout. Website Payments pro enables you to accept debit and credit card payments directly on your website, over the phone, fax, bank transfers and mail orders. You can also accept PayPal, giving you access to more than 140 million account holders globally and more than 15 million in the UK alone. When paying by card, your customers will not know that they have used PayPal, they will pay using a RomanCart page you can customize to look just like your website. There are no setup fees and no cancellation fees with Website Payments Pro.

PayPal Express Checkout

This is a really good way to accept PayPal payments as the customer simply logs onto their PayPal account and their details are sent to RomanCart. There is no need for the customer to enter their name and address on RomanCart. This is the one to use as an additional payment option if you are using a different payment gateway to accept card payments - or if you only want to accept PayPal payments on your website. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no cancellation fees with Express Checkout.

PayPal Standard

The original method of integrating PayPal. Using this you can accept both PayPal and card payments on your website. However if a customer is using a computer which has previously been used to log onto a PayPal account then it will not offer the card payment option. The customer also has to enter their address details on the RomanCart checkout page, which is not the case with Express Checkout.

PayPal transaction fees are very competitive. Click here for more details.

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