What is Internet Marketing?

The amount of money you make on your website will be directly proportional to the time, effort and money you spend on marketing. RomanCart has built in Internet Marketing tools, advice and instructions which will make it really easy for you to increase your marketing activity.

Email Marketing

It is really important to keep in regular contact with your customers and prospects. Not just to give details of your offers and products, but to offer free advice and information to strengthen the relationship which you have with them. This will result in higher sales and your contacts thinking of you as the best source of information on the products and services which you are selling. A great way to do this is using Email marketing. With RomanCart you can schedule emails to groups of contacts.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

When a customer has decided to buy from you by clicking on an 'add to basket' button, it's a great time to either offer the customer additional products they might be interested in to accompany the product they are purchasing (Cross-Sell - e.g. offer batteries if they are purchasing a torch). Alternatively, you might offer them a better and more expensive version of the product they have added (Up-Sell).

This is a great way to increase the transaction value of each order which is made, therefore increasing your overall sales and profits.

Promotions and Coupons

If you are considering any form of print based advertising, then you should know that your money is wasted unless you can tell how exactly how much money you have made from the advert. The only reliable way to do this is to include a promotional code (discount on order total) or coupon (discount on individual products) on the advertisment. Then when your customers enter the code on the cart and complete a purchase, you will be able to see exactly how much money you have made from each advertisment you have placed. This information can save or make you 1000's!

Pay-Per-Click Tracking

If you are spending money on Pay-Per-Click advertising, then it is really important that you are aware of how much money you are making from the click throughs that you are purchasing. With RomanCart you can track multiple Pay-Per-Click campaigns on any Pay-Per-Click system. It will show you exactly how many customers and prospects you have made from each keyword and how much they are worth to you.

Follow-Up Emails

It's great to follow up with a customer after they have bought something from you, if only to check whether they need any assistance with the product or service they purchased, or maybe offering them further products they might be interested in. RomanCart allows you to configure product based, or product category based, or Global follow-up emails. You can create more than one of each type so that the customer is not sent the same email the next time they purchase from you.

Showing different web pages to customers in different locations

Google often refer to 'relevancy' as being the key to website stickiness. In other words - if someone arrives on your website, they are much more likely to stay and buy from you if your website is relevant to them.

If you are a UK merchant selling to customers in the UK and USA, a usa customer is far more likely to buy if, when they land on your site, they see prices in US Dollars and text relevant to someone in the USA. In the same way, if you are a US merchant then your UK customers will want to see prices in pound sterling and text relevant to them.

With RomanCart, you can create 2 versions of your website, paste on a simple piece of code, then your US customers will see the US version of your website and the UK customers will see the UK version. As you can well imagine - this can have a huge effect on sales and we are not aware of any other carts offering this functionality.

Email AutoResponders

AutoResponders are email sequences sent to customers when they purchase from you, or prospects when they ask to receive them. They can be hugely effective in automating contact with your customers and prospects - and of course this takes place 24/7, so you are converting prospects to customers even when you are asleep!

Site Split Testing

How do you know that your web pages are generating the maximum number of sales possible? The answer is site split testing. Create 2 web pages for the same page, then 50% of your customers will see one version of the page and 50% will see the other version. RomanCart will show you how much money was made from each version. Then you can try it again with an optimised version of the most successful page. Do this a few times and you can seriously increase your sales.

You can do all of this with RomanCart! - Click on the button to the right NOW and start using it on your website right away!

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