This is what you need to do...

  1. You can paste RomanCart Shopping Cart buttons onto Facebook, Twitter, Insta, your Blog Posts or Any Website, whether you've coded the site yourself or have used any website builder such as Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify or anything else. RomanCart hyperlink buttons will work anywhere! (You can also use Form Buttons too).
  2. Lets create a RomanCart 'Add to Basket' button ready for pasting somewhere.
  3. Either...
    Add your product details to the RomanCart Product Manager and click on show me the code. (This allows you to use stock control, follow up emails, coupons and other advanced functionality).
    You can send the product details to the cart with your 'Add to Basket' links or buttons.
    Click here to see a wizard which will create an 'Add to Basket' hyperlink for you.

    Your Store Id (you are given this when you sign up to the free version of RomanCart)

    The name of the item you are selling

    The price of the item (excluding any currency symbols)

    Where the customer should go if they click on 'Continue Shopping'

    You can paste the link below directly into the code of your web page for an 'Add to Basket' link.

    Test the link... Add to Basket

    If you are using a web design tool with some sort of 'Insert Hyperlink' function, the URL to insert is in the box below

  4. Paste the button or hyperlink code from the previous step onto your web page.
  5. On RomanCart, select and enter some details for the payment methods you will be using.
  6. Start Accepting Orders on your web pages!

Using the Drop Cart

If you want to keep your customers on your web pages whilst they add products to their basket then use the drop cart. Click here for a demo of what this looks like. Click here to see how to use it on your own web pages.

More Complex Buttons

Click here to see how you can add multiple products to the basket with just one button, how to add products using checkboxes, and lots more advanced examples.

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