Why use Email Marketing?

Keeping in regular contact with your customers and prospects, sending them up-to-date information and news (not necessarily special offers and product information). This will generate trust with your contacts and make it more likely that they will buy from you in the future.

Schedule Emails

Using RomanCart, you can schedule emails to some or all of your customers and prospects. In fact, if you are not already sending regular emails just spending a day writing one email for each of the next 12 months could have a huge effect on your sales over the next year. You need to market your company as the primary source of information on the types of your products that you sell, so send your customers interesting information and advice about your products rather than sales emails. For example, if you are selling cups, it would be much more interesting for the customer to read about the different types of cups on the market, their history and origins and what they are used for rather than simply seeing 10 cups with prices.

Follow-Up Emails

You can configure follow-up emails so that after a purchase (or an abandonment!) your customers are sent an email after a time delay which you specify. This is really great as when you purchase something online it is pleasantly surprising to receive an email a few days later simply asking how you are getting on with the product you have purchased and whether you need any assistance. Again you wouldn't use this for sales, but to increase your customers trust in your company which will result in increased sales in the future.

Autoresponders / Email Sequences

Probably the most effective internet marketing tool available, an Autoresponder is simply a sequence of emails sent to a prospect or customer. Most people visiting your website are not going to buy! When merchants look at their online website stats they often see large numbers of visitors on their website but not the number of sales that they were expecting. This is because you need to focus on lead generation, not just instant sales. Someone on your website who is not ready to buy right now is clearly interested in your products. Using an Autoresponder you can put a compelling statement on your website such as 'Enter your first name and email address and we'll send you a free online video about how our vacuum cleaners saved the world!' (It must be compelling, so something interesting or amusing is often a good way of doing this). The customer signs up, then receives your email with the link to the video in it. Then maybe a day later they get your second email in the sequence, then maybe a week later your third email. As you can see, in a months time, when the customer still needs to buy a vacuum cleaner, will they buy it from you or from someone else? Even if one person who would have gone elsewhere buys from you as a result of your emails then as you can see it is really worth doing. Usually this will have a dramatic effect on sales. Compare this to 'Sign up to our monthly newsletter' which you see on many websites! - Would you sign up to a 'Monthly Newsletter' about Vacuum Cleaners?!

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