Books and CD's Stores in the UK

  1. 1. Veteran Mail Order
    Veteran is one of the UK's leading CD labels specialising in traditional folk music from England and Ireland. We also market CDs, books and videos from other small and not so small esoteric labels which also specialise in traditional music from England, Ireland and Scotland.

  2. 2. RP Sales
    We are an independant DVD publisher of cult TV shows that was founded when a fan of a brilliant BBC comedy series, totally frustrated that the show had never been released, bought the rights to release his own DVD! Our aim is to carry on releasing DVDs of quality shows that have been similarly unfairly overlooked

  3. 3. CCF Tapes
    Distribution of Bible Study materials by Elders and Ministers of The Chichester Christian Fellowship, principally those of the late Roger Price.

  4. 4. Triarchy Press Bookshop
    This shop does not have a description.

  5. 5. Cello Classics
    Cello Classics: Specialist CD store with mainstream, historical and rare recordings of cello music.

  6. 6.
 For Signed, Rare, Out of Print and General Photographic Books.

  7. 7. CS Publications Ltd (Imprints: Sideways Books and Cambridge Audits)
    Order titles from Sideways Books and Cambridge Audits

  8. 8. John Kember Online Orders
    Good music tuition books are hard to find. John Kember has published more than 60, for a variety of instruments and a variety of styles. They span the entire spectrum from Grade 0 to advanced studies. Of particular note are the 21 books in the Sight Reading series from Schott, and the Jazz Piano and Play Broadway works from Faber.

  9. 9. Independent Web Marketing
    This shop does not have a description.

    For over 20 years we have been the premier publisher of prison related publications in the United Kingdom

  11. 11. Manor House Books
    This shop does not have a description.

  12. 12. Topic Resources
    This shop does not have a description.

  13. 13. Full Pitcher Music Resources
    Creative publisher of music downloads for beginners on flute, clarinet, piano,violin and cello; flexible ensembles and string quartets; creative music software and printed music. All materials promote a creative and sharing approach to music-making in home, studio or classroom.

  14. 14. Lymm Festival Box Office
    The Lymm Festival is a community arts festival held each Summer in the village of Lymm in Cheshire. Our on-line box office allows people to purchase tickets for most Festival events

  15. 15. All Resources
    PSHE resources for schools, teachers and young people. Ebooks and hard copies. With All Resources, young people learn to work together as a group, establishing their own ground rules and setting their own agendas. We are particularly effective in nurturing skills and attributes which enable young people to cope with the issues and challenges they are faced with daily. We believe that we are all responsible and should all make a positive impact on our world.

  16. 16. A Field Guide
    Quality manuals and kits.

  17. 17. MI-Bookshop
    The books offered through this shop relate to the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, and to the Militia Immaculatae (Traditional Order) Apostolate aimed at the saving of souls.

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